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Supremacy 2.0
Supremacy 2.0

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Supremacy® contains a specialized matrix of herbal extracts that may optimize endogenous hormone levels for enhancing muscle growth and stimulating fat loss. These compounds may increase total and free testosterone levels, modulate estrogen production, improve nutrient utilization, and enhance hormonal signaling at the cellular level. Best of all, this is accomplished without any negative impact on natural hormone production.


· Eurycoma Longifolia contains bioactive compounds known as quassinoids that raise serum testosterone concentrations via hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis enhancement. This may boost testosterone-androgen receptor interactions, thereby increasing anabolism and decreasing catabolism. It may also enhance physical strength, heighten libido, improve recovery, and support a positive mental state.

· Indole-3-Carbinol (I3C) is a naturally occurring photochemical that primarily provides antioxidant protection, but also modulates estrogen metabolism. It does this by decreasing the production of the 16-hydroxy metabolites (“strong” estrogens) in favor of the 2-hydroxy metabolites (“weak” estrogens). This may optimize the ratio of testosterone to estrogen, leading to a hormonal balance that’s better suited for muscle growth.

· Mormordica Chirantia is comprised of nutrients that possess potent hypoglycemic properties. Its extract can modulate blood-sugar levels by increasing glucose utilization, which may accelerate intracellular nutrient transport and delivery. Also, this ingredient may enable nutrients to be partitioned away from fat cells and be force-fed into muscle cells, leading to fat reduction even while in a hypercaloric state.

· Coleus Forskohlii contains a diterpene compound that directly stimulates the enzyme adenylate cyclase and, subsequently, the cell-regulating substance called cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cAMP). By stimulating cAMP, circulating hormones are optimized for enhanced utilization over extended periods of time, and they may overcome any receptor site down-regulation through extended exposure.